Master Class


Master Class

12-Day Pro Makeup and Hairstyling Course

by Pooja Khurana


Get the glow, master the eyes, perfect the pout, and show your flair with hair

  • Learn and grow your beauty skills under the expert guidance of renowned MUA Pooja Khurana, Archana Rautela and her PK Team.
  • A complete course with in-depth theory, extensive demonstrations, hands-on mentoring, and professional review.
  • Designed for Beginners and Professionals, who are passionate about taking their makeup and hairstyling skills to the pro level.
  • Limited seats for this year’s one and only Pro Makeup and Hairstyling course by Pooja Khurana and Archana Rautela.
  • Receive an exclusive full-qualification certificate on successful completion of the 12-day course.

Course Dates

27th August – 8th September 2018
Post-course 1-Day Mentoring & Assessment Session – 17th December 2018


Bridal PK Lounge, Greater Kailash – 1, New Delhi

  • Goodies and Makeup giveaways
  • Refreshments, sweet treats, and snacks
  • Practical sessions on everyday
  • Full-day practical assessment and professional photographs of your work on 8th September 2018.
  • Qualification certificate
  • 1 day post-course mentoring and review with Pooja and Archana.


Course Timings

27/8/2018Monday8 am – 5 pm
28/8/2018Tuesday8 am – 1.30 pm
29/8/2018Wednesday8 am – 1.30 pm
30/8/2018Thursday8 am – 1.30 pm
31/8/2018Friday8 am – 1.30 pm
03/9/2018Monday8 am – 1.30 pm
04/9/2018Tuesday8 am – 1.30 pm
05/9/2018Wednesday8 am – 1.30 pm
06/9/2018Thursday9 am – 6 pm
07/9/2018Friday8 am – 4 pm
08/9/2018Saturday9 am – 6 pm
17/12/2018Monday8 am – 1 pm

Course designed for

The course is exclusively crafted to suit the needs of passionate artists, who are either stepping out into the world of beauty or are looking for expert mentoring and training to further advance their skills. The theory sessions will also stress on the latest products including Pooja’s personal favourites and current trends to keep an eye out for.

  • Beginners – Take the right step to your career in Beauty and Hairstyling; one that gives you access to an extensive cache of theory which becomes the base of your creativity, and a hands-on approach to develop your skills with an understanding of your aptitudes and interests.
  • Budding Artists – For those who are looking forward to a fruitful career in the beauty industry and want to fine-tune their creativity to suit the dynamic needs of today’s women. Build-up your knowledge and update your skills with a broad insight into the latest techniques and technologies, imparted to you through an experienced and successful beauty professional.

Course Objective

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” – Mary Angelou

Pooja Khurana is overwhelmed by the continuous love and appreciation being shown for her artistry. A professional makeup and hairstyling course has always been one of the top requests from her social media followers and well-wishers. Now it is time to make their wish come true and celebrate this love for genuine beauty and talent.

Keeping up with the spirit of sharing knowledge, Pooja is now all set to impart her learnings from years of practise and updated training. The 12-day pro makeup and hairstyling course aims to help passionate individuals in gaining professional knowledge, confidence in their skills, and a humble attitude, which will encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Course Structure

Day 1
Beauty Theory

  • Understanding face shape and structure
  • Understanding Skin texture – dry, dehydrated, oily, combination, acne-prone, mature skin, open pores, under eye puffiness, pigmentation, scarring, rosacea etc
  • Understanding lip shape/eye shape/ brows
  • Understanding and using the colour wheel
  • Introduction to products, tools, and maintaining hygiene
  • Where to buy products and tools

Day 2 – Day 8
Application of Theory & Practicing Signature Makeup Styles

~ 8 am – 11:30 am: Theory & demonstration

~ 11:30 am – 1:15 pm: Practical Session under the supervision of Pooja Khurana

During these 7 days, Pooja Khurana will demonstrate 9 full-makeup looks, giving you first-hand knowledge of how her coveted PK Beauty makeovers are done to perfection. The signature looks to be demonstrated are:

Fresh & Vibrant Angelic PK Beauty

This soft but stunning look upholds PK Beauty’s love for a natural finish. “Be beautiful by being you” has always been Pooja’s favourite approach to makeup for any occasion. She will demonstrate how to achieve a clean and naturally fresh complexion, with just a hint of pink on the eyes.

Classic Vintage PK Beauty

Learn how to bring out the drama with sophisticated elegance and a classic vintage feel. Get the step by step guide to mixing hues and blending tints – a skill every MUA must acquire. Subtle ombre lips, antique silver-golden eyes, and shimmer – a combination that compliments all skin tones – make this regal look a winning choice.

Velvety Chocolate Eyed PK Beauty

This one is a treat for your uber-stylish clients who love a good smokey eye. The key to perfecting that rich velvety finish is getting your blending and brushing right. The session will also teach you how to balance the look with soft sculpted skin, harmonic blush tones, and luscious nude lips.

Secret Garden Berry Blast PK Beauty

Up your blending game with this vibrant look that demands your attention to detail on the eyes. Mix and blend multiple colours  – rich berry tones with a pop of sparkle to go with the popular shades of pinks/mauve/plums. A sure shot confidence-booster for taking up the challenge of engagement and cocktail makeovers.

Hollywood Moonlight PK Beauty

An in-demand cocktail/sagan/engagement look oozing red-carpet glamour and timeless elegance. The colour palette of midnight blue hues and moonlight sparkle continues to be a top designer staple, every season. Pooja will demonstrate the western smokey-eyed look with the ultra glow and sparkle that she is famous for!

Ethereal Morning PK Bride

Here’s how you would bring out the fresh elegance in a morning bride – with a soft but rich palette for that natural look and regal vibrance. Find out how to judge colours and use them to enhance your clients’ features. Bring out the graceful glow by updating your makeup manual.

The Majestic Pooja Khurana Bride

Time to try your hand at a challenging evening bridal look – what better than an all-time favourite with the signature PK glow. We will work with hues of pinks, peaches, and golds to aid the preferences of a traditional Indian bridal makeover. It is important to note how the colours are being used to blend in with the bridal trousseau.

The Timeless Pooja Khurana Bride

Yet another classic – a PK bride who steals the show with her glittery golden eyes and lustrous velvety pout. If you think this is easy, you would be in for a surprise. Sometimes the simplest creations have the most complicated backstories – and this is one story you need to learn by heart.

Sensuous Spectrum PK Beauty

Now, take all that you have learnt before and show it off with this one final blast of colour. The spectacular look is a favourite for reception and party makeovers, while the glitz and glamour add to its appeal. Keep your eyes and minds open to pull off the best of your techniques and creativity.

Course Takeaways

Master the Eyes: Get your eye game on!

Careful attention to these demonstrations will have you acing the eye game with minimal effort.

  • We will cover a variety of looks including types of brows, subtle and soft eyes, smouldering smokey eyes, sparkling glitter eyes, colour-pop smokey eyes, winged liner, cut crease, halo eyes, smokey under eye, inner corner glow, and more.
  • Play with matte and shimmer/foiled eyeshadows, pigments, shimmers, glitters, coloured pencils, gel liners, liquid liners, glitter liners, liquid-glitter paints, cream eyeshadows, paint pots, brow powders, brow sticks, and learn the right way for lash application.
  • Learn how to build intensity, blend to perfection, and mix different mediums correctly and confidently.

Master the Skin: Get the secrets to the glow

This is your best chance to find out the secret behind our signature PK glow – a coveted finish that’s always been on the beauty radar.

  • We will cover sculpting, matte base, glowing base, dewy base, natural base, and contoured model base.
  • Understand how to tackle pigmentation, acne, scarring, under eye circles, fine lines and creasing, mature skin, puffiness, combination skin, oily skin, and dehydrated skin.
  • Learn how to use different types of foundations, correctors, cream sticks, powders, bronzers, blushers, highlighters, serums, and illuminators.
  • Learn how to create a flawless base according to your client’s desires, using different techniques and application methods.

Master the Lips: All-about lusciously perfect pouts

Understand how to master Pooja Khurana’s creative bend to seamlessly blend in bright and lustrous lip shades that complete the most unique PK Beauty looks.

  • We will cover lip shape and correction, matte lips, shimmering lustrous lips, subtle nude lips, metallic lips, and ombré lips.
  • Learn how to create that perfect pout to complete your look.

Day 9 – Day 10
Play the Hair Game with Archana Rautela

Makeovers – bridal or otherwise – is never complete without the right hairstyle. Most clients come to you with clear expectations on how their hair should fall perfectly in line with their special look. Lustrous, updated, long-lasting – these qualities are unanimously preferred. To meet your clients’ expectations, it is vital that you get your game on for creative hairstyling. These two days of in-depth hairstyling demonstrations would give you a chance to watch and learn from one of India’s leading hair artists – Archana Rautela.

As a professional makeup artist, even if you decide to hire a hairstylist for your clients, it is important to understand the basics of hairstyling.

  • It will come in handy for low-budget shoots or discounted makeovers that add to your portfolio, where you can save money by completing the looks on your own.
  • It can help you tackle unforeseen circumstances, such as the last-minute cancellations or no-show by the hired hairstylist.
  • The more knowledge and skills you have in styling hair, the better you will understand your clients’ needs and plan out a complete look. You can recommend the right hairstyle that suits their hair type, attire, and makeup.

With one of the most-innovative hairstylist in the industry educating you on the main techniques and tools, this masterclass would be the ideal platform to update your skills and improve your portfolio.

Day 9
Introduction to Creative Hair Styling

Archana Rautela will demonstrate a variety of popular but unique hairdos to give you practical knowledge of various techniques and styles.

The looks covered in this day’s session are:

Signature Delicate curls

Archana Rautela’s signature soft and luscious curls are one of the most sought-after special occasion hairstyles. The versatile hairstyle can be customized with a range of accessories like floral accessories and crystal pins. Archana will also discuss delicate pinning and crystal placement.

Entwined Side-Swept Wavy Cocktail do

Understated elegance at its best – without any help from sparkling accessories or blooming florals, this hairdo stands apart through sheer creativity and effortless beauty. Intricate as it may look, once perfected this is one style your clients would keep coming back for.

Voluminous Side-Braids with Flowers

The braid is inevitable in Indian bridal hairstyling, but this look is the answer to how you can make the ever-popular braid uniquely suited for your client’s look. From the sleek pull back at the front to the cascading trail of curls and the placement of flowers, expert guidance can help you quickly master this look.

The hairstyling demonstrations by Archana will be followed by 3 hours of practise, fully supervised and supported by Archana and the  PK Team.

Day 10
Advanced Hair Styling

The demonstrations by Archana will continue on this day, with three more of her incredibly creative hairstyles.

The looks covered on this day are:

Stylish Soft-Twisted updo

A contemporary hairstyling masterpiece, with finger waves and smooth intwines – ideal for elegant cocktail and reception looks. The half updo features soft curls gracing the back, lending the overall look a timeless character and classic glamour. Getting the technique right is the only way to nail this look.

Sabyasachi-Style Bridal Bun with Flowers

A traditional Indian bridal hairdo that scores with its natural volume and stunning floral arrangement. Adding a unique character to it is vibrant florals that can replace the popular white Gajra. It is important to not only get the floral drape right but also style the front-portion in sync with the client’s facial features.

Signature Twisted Bridal Updo

A floral bridal updo like no other, that demands both creativity and strong technical skills. Learn from the style’s creator herself, who will lead you through the intricate process of getting the twists in place and making sure they hold. Finally, get Archana’s expert inputs on accessory placement.

The hairstyling demonstrations by Archana will be followed by 2-3 hours of practice, fully supervised and supported by Team PK.

Course Takeaways

Learn from an innovative and highly skilled hairstyling artist, whose creative hairdos are one of the most sought after in the industry. Get a treasure trove of the tips and tricks from Archana, which will help you design and construct your own signature styles.

  • Learn about the correct ways to prep hair and core techniques to flawlessly execute multiple hairstyles.
  • Understand types and textures of hair, the hair products for each type, and the tools to style different hair types.
  • Learn to curl and style hair, use extensions, do creative hair decoration, and floral placements.
  • Get an insight into Archana’s meticulous approach to hairstyling and craft your own unique hairdos.

Day 11

Create your own Signature look

After an extensive course on the latest beauty and hairstyling tips and techniques, it is now time for you to show us all that you have learnt. This is your chance to employ your newly-acquired skills and knowledge to create a stunning full-makeover that shows off your passion and dedication to the art.

  • Pooja Khurana, Archana Rautela & the PK Team will be available throughout the day to support, guide, and assist you during your final practise session.
  • Once the look is ready, we will click away and choose a set of 2-3 professional photographs that show off the best aspects of your creativity and skills. The processed copies of the selected photographs will be handed over to you in 2 weeks time, which you can proudly add to your portfolio.

Later in the afternoon, Pooja Khurana will share some beneficial and thoughtful advice to help you with business development, photography, social media management, relationship-building, and client handling. These tips and tricks of the trade are as important as your beauty education, for a successful freelance career.

Finally, as a testament to your hard work and drive to soak up all the knowledge shared during the course, we will award you a fullqualification certificate.

Day 12
Meetup, Personal Assessment and Mentoring

For the next three months after the completion of the Pro Makeup and Hairstyling course, you have the time to leisurely practise your new skills and apply the information gained to craft your own identity as a professional artist.

We would love to check-in to see how well you have been doing during this time. Pooja, Archana, and PK Team would catch-up with each one of you to discuss your journey and extend our support in solving any follow-up questions or issues you might have. We are here to help you and encourage you to make use of this meetup to, once again, fine tune your practical knowledge in the presence of experts. There would be a 2-hour practise session to review your work and find out how we can guide you further.

Limited seats and exclusive mentoring by Pooja Khurana is sure to make this course a turning-point in your professional careers. With this course, we look forward to seeing you flourish as successful beauty artists and entrepreneurs.

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